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  • Katie Huang

Tech People Under Pandemic

When the pandemic started in 2020, many companies were locked down, and the tech people were working from home in San Francisco Bay Area. During these two years, some changes have happened to the tech people.

Many tech people, such as software engineers, entrepreneurs, or designers, are moving out of California during this pandemic. They are moving to some states, such as Austin, Texas, or Miami. They believe that these are the places with better governance. The prices are lower, and the streets are even cleaner than the San Francisco Bay Area.

However, some tech people believe that moving to different states or cities is not the only thing they can do. They should speak out and against the government. Siva Raj, a father of two sons, is trying to gather people like tech entrepreneurs to fight for the board's school.

Siva Raj never thought about being a political person until he watched the battle to rename the school of Lincoln. He got frustrated and believed his children were getting into a dangerous situation. He is co-leading to remove three school board members through a recall election in February. He considers the pandemic is the right time to make changes in San Francisco. He is trying to gather more people to join his action.

Above all, more tech people are changing their minds on involving politics. They see that as a new hustle: local politics. This might significantly impact San Francisco Bay Area even the whole country.


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