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Texas Bans Masks and Vaccine

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For those living in California that many people are going out to get the Covid vaccine shot, especially since the new Delta variant is out in the open now. However, other people don't want to deal with this new vaccine or with masks at all. A majority of people in Texas, since the quarantine began, have been against wearing masks in facilities, thinking that it will not do much for their health. Now, the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has signed an executive order to ban both mandatory masks and the covid vaccine.

Regardless of whether the person is vaccinated or not, the issue will not let any government agency require any person to wear a mask inside the facility. The law includes school districts and health centers. The order is a hazardous move by the governor since covid cases have been steadily increasing in Texas. The governor stated that "the path forward relies on personal responsibility rather than government mandates." Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention mentions that the new Delta variant is also more likely to spread from vaccinated people to non-vaccinated individuals. With Texas being mask free the Delta variant is more likely to apply in this state. Walensky also mentions that masks and the vaccine protect the more vulnerable people, like children who are too young to get vaccinated, from the virus rather than people wearing the mask defend themselves.

Here in California, just recently, we can now choose whether or not to wear a mask if we are fully vaccinated. But for the most part, many people are ok with wearing a mask mainly for other people's protection. Compared to Texas, California is looking pretty good concerning covid cases. With this new law in Texas, it's only a matter of time until more people spread the virus and cause another outbreak.


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