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The decade Buzz of Megan Is Missing

The 2011 horror film "Megan is Missing" is TikTok's newest pop-culture fixation, and people who watch the movie are calling it "traumatizing" or saying that they "couldn't even finish it." The film, which was written, directed by Michael Goi, was made in a found-footage style that follows the abduction of a teenage girl, Megan. The controversial film has drawn criticism in the past for its violence and sexualization of its adolescent protagonists, and as Entertainment Weekly reported, it was banned in New Zealand. Now, people on TikTok are re-living the viewing experience and posting their reactions on the app. The hashtag #meganismissinghas over 83 million views. It's not entirely clear why "Megan is Missing" is going through a renaissance in 2020, but it's not unusual for cultural artifacts from decades past to become famous on TikTok, which is favoured by many. Megan is Missing" takes place in the days leading up to the abduction of teenager Megan Stewart and follows her friend Amy as she investigates Megan's disappearance. The film is focused on the danger of anonymous online chatting Megan disappears after chatting with a man named Josh who claims to be a 17year old, says that he can't show his face because his webcam is broken, and fails to show up at a party where he and Megan were supposed to meet.

While the story it tells is fictional, it was marketed as being based on real events and was endorsed by Marc Klaas, whose 12 year- old daughter was kidnapped and killed in 1993, the Guardian reported. Goi's motive was unquestionably positive he's a good guy who wanted to save kids' lives but that didn't stop Megan is Missing from being dismissed as torture porn. Ultimately, it still looks and feels like an exploitation film." 'Megan is Missing' began to take off on TikTok in mid-November. Many of the videos in the #Meganismissing tags on TikTok were posted within the past several days, and it appears that the film exploded on the app over the weekend of November 13.

However, people had posted the movie and react to it before its most significant surge in November, with the film coming up as part of the film recommendation series or in reaction videos. In early October, some users were already posting about how they wished they hadn't watched it. Now, people on TikTok are posting their reactions to the film or making videos about how they felt after watching it. Many call the film "traumatizing" and using the slowed and pitched down version of "Rät" by Penelope Scott in their posts. As far as warnings go, it's a reasonably non-specific one. But Twitter users filled in the blanks, sharing trigger warnings for rape scenes, sexual assault, sexualizing teenagers, graphic imagery, and more. For those curious about "photo number 1" in Megan Is Missing, the film features staged, disturbing photos of a teenage girl being tortured and mutilated in various ways. If you were already traumatized by them on Tik Tok, perhaps it will bring you comfort to know the Megan Is Missing photos are not real in any way, shape, or form.

Though it is filmed in the "found footage" style that was popular among horror movies back then, and though it was marketed as an "educational" film upon release, "Megan Is Missing" is not a true story. Megan Is Missing is not a documentary. Actor Rachel Quinn stars as Megan, a teenager who disappears after she goes to meet-up with a boy she met online. Her best friend Amy Herman tries to track her down, and in the process, finds disturbing photos of Megan being mutilated and tortured on online fetish forums. And yes, you do see the images. Several of them. For educational purposes, of course! And it can be terrifying creepily.


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