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The case for keeping TikTok an Update:

The Case for keeping Tik Tok as a platform is still a complex problem. The Chinese tech companies are not synonymous with the Chinese government. It would be easy to leave it alone. Still, there is much more of a push and pull in that relationship there, particularly around the security services' access to private data to censor content and steal user data is worth less than owning one of the world's most pressing global tech companies. TikTok was intended to thrive like any other app,

it's not necessarily in the Chinese government or Bytes Interest to set up the company to be secretly beholden Beijing. There's a commercial Incentive at play I think we have to take into account. Tik Tok has for many people in America politics and tech, become an existential threat that no amount of distancing itself from China Building headquarters in the US and London, hiring a former Disney executive as its virtually identical to Facebook Politics, but it's foreshadowing a potential ending to silicon Valleys dominance. Dismissal of TikTok is protectionism and, arguably, xenophobia.

Should the US government ban TikTok. It would be an essential step forward for the US Government controlling how Americans use the internet, Which is ironically a step towards Beijing's cyber empire, the thing we've been on the rails for. It's also likely we would be against the US's commercial interests. "It offers a blueprint for others around the world to think; Maybe we don't trust how silicon valley companies are handling our data, so let's ban them as well. We're already starting to see the rise of digital sovereignty in Europe and India in these fundamental markets. When we think about the so-called tech competition with China, Particularly with artificial intelligence and machine learning, What is that going to Give the US companies an edge? Its access to an extensive international data set. If we are increasingly closed out of markets worldwide and access to that data because we've helped create a blueprint for how to do it with China.


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