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The Disaster Of Astro World

Yesterday Night As I browsed through My Twitter feed, a shocking revelation about Astroworld came to the surface. Rapper Travis Scott, a festival with a vast crowd surging through his sold-out music festival in Houston, Texas. Reports from newscasts have reported eight people have died, and numerous people have been injured through the packed crowd. The disaster was unveiled at NRG Park around 9 p.m on Friday during the headline performance by Travis following an escalated behaviour

by the people in the and police. The Sold-out show has about 50,000 surged toward the stage, people began unconsciously. Some people have suffered cardiac arrest or other medical issues. Officials told reporters outside the Venue. Minutes later, the chaos ensued to a "Mass Casualty Incident." People began to fall out, become unconscious, and it created additional panic. There were speculations that people had died from a stampede and overdose. Seventeen people were transported to hospitals after the crash, and 11 who were taken by ambulance were in Cardiac arrest.

Officials added that more than 300 people were treated throughout the event Friday at an on-site field hospital. Reports have stated that people could not stand or even breathe. As the countdown was about to hit zero, it didn't make it through one full song before People just started collapsing and falling back. People at the bottom were suffocating. A 16-year year older adult stated that he had bruises, his thumbs were numb, thought he was going to die. There was no escape. The crowd was so rowdy that groups began pushing each other, and it was a tightly packed crowd. Footage posted on social media also showed the rapper pausing his performance. The Houston Chronicle reported the artist halted his act several times throughout the show after spotting fans in distress near the stage.


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