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  • Ricksel Penullar

The Final Chapter Of Barnard College Student Case

The final chapters of M.S Majors, a Barnard college student, was closed on Wednesday as the last of her attackers was sentenced in Manhattan. More than two years after the horrific death of Tessa Majors. An 18-year-old Barnard college student was trying to get home. The Last teenager was sentenced to 14 years to life in prison. The Teenager, Rashaun Weaver, Age of 16, had initially pleaded not guilty but changed his plea last month, pleading guilty to second-degree murder and first and second-degree armed robbery. Prosecutors have said Mr. Weaver Wielded the Knife that had killed Tessa in December 2019 of the Attack stabbing her four times in the chest. Weaver and two of his middle school classmates, who were 13 and 15 at the time, were charged for the deadly stabbing. This case sent shockwaves through the city of New York since the people who stabbed her were middle schoolers. Luchiano Lewis, 16, was sentenced in October to 9 years to life in prison for Ms. Majors Killing. His testimony had recalled in court that He and his friends wandered around morning side park with the intent of robbing someone. Unfortunately, they settled on her, and she has met her tragic end. The third person involved confessed to the killing and his participation shortly after the crime. He was later sentenced to 18 months in a juvenile detention facility. His name has remained hidden from the public because he is a minor who was not charged as an adult. After what has been said and done, Mr. Weaver's lawyers have stated that he is indeed remorseful and argued that Mr. Weaver is a by-product of the broken system, and what he did was wrong. Nothing can absolve that, but it does explain why they are in this situation. Tessa's Major's parents are grieving for their daughter's loss as they plan her funeral. Majors grew up in Charlottesville and moved to New York to pursue music as her career. She spent most of her weekends playing Punk rock music with her band, which had her first concert just months before her death. Tessa Major's death is very unfortunate. Unfortunately, she was targeted in a robbery case at the wrong place and at the wrong time. What has been done cannot be undone as much as we want it to be. We could only stride forward and hope these incidents never happen again. What do you think? Is this justice?


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