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The Medias Reaction Towards WAP

Before the Song was released, W.A.P. has been hyped a lot in Social as the following of CB2 coming. "W.A.P." is a song by American rapper Cardi B, featuring vocals from fellow American rapper Megan Thee Stallion. The Song was released on August 7, 2020, as the lead single from Cardi B's second studio album. There was much buzz surrounding W.A.P. on twitter when Cardi B teased the Picture of Meg. Before even W.A.P. was released, there was already speculation of Kylie Jenner making a cameo on the shoot alongside Normani And Mulatto. The hype added much interest to the W.A.P. music video.

However, not many people took disinterest from the Song W.A.P. Many of the Barbz did not like it due to the beef with Nicki and Cardi during a fashion show and because the boarding and the Barbz are always neck to neck with each other. When the Song Drop with the Visual, a lot of the people in social media took much interest as the visuals were very stunning. With tigers and leopard prints and famous people such as mulatto, Rosalio, and Kylie Jenner. Cardi B's music video for her newly released single "W.A.P." is very sexualized. It's the Acronym title is spelled out "Wet Ass Pussy”, which features hypersexual lyrics.

A Lot of the news article took to their post that the Song was vulgar, and the video is very sexual and seems to be objectifying women; however, they have grown women trying to empower women. In the industry by using their body as an art form. Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion are the perfect vessels for a filthy Bmore club remake. Cardi is one of the rare artists to make it out of the career graveyard, Love and Hip-Hop, a show about rappers making music you rarely hear after the credits roll. Her big hits lean toward street shit, but her projects always make time for a nasty one like "Trick" or "Birkenhead." Megan made waves in the past two years for the raunchy Al B. Sure! Flip "Big Ole Freak" and "Cash Shit," where she upstaged DaBaby in verse about scamming guys out of money and nudes.

I think it's unfair how men can rap about their experience with sex, drugs, murder, and guns. Women face much backlashing about rapping sex. When male rappers do it, they don't face the same backlash towards their female counterpart. Instead, it's often dismissed and acceptable socially. However, when a woman raps about their experience with sex, it is often picked up by Articles like Washington post as Vulgar and too grotesque.

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