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The Psychology on Beauty Part 1

A 22 year old was staying in a hotel at the time. She was spotted by a film director on a film graced by her beauty. That girl's name is Audrey Hepburn, she is immediately cast as the lead role for an upcoming broadway musical. I think a lot of us fantasize about getting casted by a film directed on our day. That our lives get transformed from an average to a superstar stardom. What’s different today is that the internet has made it possible for everyone to become famous with a click of the button. Though not ideal to Hepburns stage presence as a whole. The modern day sensation of what happened to her happened to a guy who was a cashier working at Target sending him into a celebrity status overnight. However years later he vanished from the public eye. I'm going to a topic where it's more relative to digest but first we need to pose a question. Will life be better if you are attractive? It was just another day of bagging things for Alex, a 16 year old teen from target. He has been working as a cashier in this Texas target for only 3 months. Near the end of his shift he was approached by his manager who showed him that he was going viral on twitter. A girl from twitter took a picture of A

lex and posted it on instagram and twitter and in under a 24 hour mark it has gained over 128k views and engagement. The #alexfromtarget began trending.

Alex from target was any average american teenager though at the time many teenage girls in 2014 saw him as the new heartthrob. To get to where he was in his stardom was he really didn't do anything, other than his looks. Why did this go viral and why did it keep going from viral? To examine this phenomenon we need to explore our own relationship towards attractiveness. To most people it's what the inside that counts. Though there is some truth to that statement, it's not entirely true. To say someone is conventionally attractive is what defines facial attractiveness or facial structures. Though yes personality is attractive that can be different to some people or even at most be edited.. Body type can be manipulated by photoshop and camera angles to give this illusion. Facial features can be manipulated as well but if you're going to be a famous influencer. That idea is not sustainable since it's risky and you have to make a public appearance sometime later in the future.

Across time and culture the idea of beauty often changes in the early renaissance painting men and women looked alot physically fit but there was more meat on their bones than what you see today's beauty standards. Those who were seen with fat are considered to be healthy and rich thus making them attractive. Those that were skinny were considered to be poor or peasants made them uglier because of status. In a time where food like McDonalds and burger king were abundant. The ideal image of beauty has gone to another direction by having a lower ideal body fat is considered to be attractive. Quality of food and a gym to allow them to work out also beauty differs in culture. Asian countries use a lot of white branding soap to really make the skin complexion brighter. In asian countries having tan skin or dark skin is often disregarded since its association is towards the field. However if you go to a western society. Dark skinned is associated with factory work and indoor work space. Having 3-4 jobs is common in the U.S just to stay a float. Today perms for guys are the trend for guys for some unknown reasons. Maybe it is because there is an increase of people today in society with ethnic ambiguity since mixed people often have curly hair.


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