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The Start of Election day

If you watched the news at all back in the summer of 2016, you probably remember stories about Trump VS Hilary. The News spent a lot of time dissecting the candidates' personalities. Analyzing their poll numbers and psychoanalyzing their supporters these stories are part of long political journalism where the goal is to make you feel like an insider someone with all information on whos up, whos down in which states, with which groups and this kind of coverage basically treats an election like a big event, A competition, A show. It is designed to make you feel smart as someone watching the election. Kind of like how knowing all the stats about a sports team makes you feel really smart when you're watching the game. Sometimes we make videos that are analytical. But there's also another way that journalists can cover an election. Not as a show but a choice between plans, priorities, and videos for what should do next. This kind of coverage is designed to make you a smarter voter or if you don't live in the

The U.S to at least help you understand what this giant election is actually about.

That is what we want to make videos about between now and election day. Not about what's going to happen in the election but what might change after it and

explain that we want your help. There's one question you need to answer: ``What do you think the candidates should be talking about?” that's it. It could be a specific question, like should, we break up the big tech companies or why aren't more drugs legal?. Why do American companies give so little parental leave?

“Should we have more nuclear energy?” or it could be a topic that's just been on your mind lately like what's the deal with the cost of college? Or what's going to happen with college or transportation or food security, paying for child care or student loans. Whatever it is that's happening in your life that you wish they would pay attention to more too. Your ideas will become the list of things that can be explained in the election day.


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