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The Story of Pokemon

If you're asking me what What games in Pokemon games are the best it's basically from Gen 1 to Gen 5. The Pokemon Franchise had one of the best soundtracks and some of the best iconic antagonists among any game. Around the world it's most likely everyone knows Pokemon or at least a few Pokemon in their lifespan. Major popularity of Pokemon Originated from the late 1990s. Satoshi Tajiri made Pokemon due to his love of collecting bugs and he was born in the countryside.

Tajiri was a curious child who loved to explore the forest. He loved to collect bugs. At a young age he was interested in researching bugs and etc. Soon He moved to T

okyo which basically was a 360 to the countryside. Tajiro however began to play games and usually became addicted to it. He soon began reviewing games and publishing articles selling them for 200 yen in japan. It eventually worked since a lot of people in Japan demanded more copies of the article. Soon He would develop into developing games later on. Game Freak as a company didn't do so well at first that it got to the point that Tajiro paid his employees based on his incomes and was living off from his parents salary. He would soon develop the game Pokemon based on his real life experience where he wanted players to experience that. There was a lot of hiatus. When red and green were released they became the highest selling games in 4.3million copies at the time.

The Western audience loved the game and became a big hit. He’s last development was Gold and Silver which was a sequel to Pokemon Red and Blue. However They first started at a rocky start.They had only few projects they were working on from the base start of their company. As Game Freak was new, and was branded as a Game publishing magazine. It did make a trend to setter to what we would soon love to grow as a company. Then as later on into big titles like Yoshi's land and Mario. Of course the work was demanding for Tajiro and his employees.

Tajiro did side jobs like being a freelancer for fantasy MMOS journals and playboy magazine (not associated with Playboy Magazine). Before investing in the project that he wanted he wanted to create a game called “Capsule Monsters” And with iterations and a lot of hardships from the game company since making concepts of Pocket monsters were often met with a lot of drawbacks and wall wall blocks. He would end up trying to pay employees his own money and rely solely on his parents. He was trying to take care of his workers and sacrificed his own salaries in return. Pokemon came from a long way from just an idea of bugs to something universal. What Satoshi wanted the public to know is his childhood experience from collecting bugs. He has definitely translated his work upon the releases of Pokemon games. Though he is no longer behind the creative vision of the Pokemon games. He is credited with the new releases of Pokemon. Satoshi has made a lot of groundbreaking work as a normal gamer, to someone who started developing projects at a small scale by doing game magazines and reviewing them locally to know a person who manages a Billion dollar company which resonated a lot of new peoples love to the Pokemon genre to current adulthood. Though the new Pokemon games aren't what they used to be and story lines seem to be water based. Gen1-5 had a lot of impact storytelling game which was very iconic at the time.


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