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These Social Influencers Need TO STOPPED!

During this pandemic there are certainly a lot of us who have lost everything from the pandemic. I think about the times when I took Freedom of the outside for granted and staying indoors for something I felt accustomed too. I miss the outside but I certainly do not miss commuting Hours where a lot of people in the bus are packed and overcrowded like a can of sardines. It’s no secret that San Francisco Transportation is not the best. There are still things worth fixing like people bringing in a lot of their trash in the bus. It just takes an enormous space for a lot of us trying to commute in one place to another. There are also situations where the bus purposely skips off the stop for no reason. It;s just frustrating because when I'm trying to get to my current destination I'm often met with skips. However that's not what I want to talk about today. A Lot of us, in the pandemic, know how this new norm is, it's very lonely and this new change has left me to just sit at home and reflect on what I'm going to do to be sane. I actually don't know how to be sane.

However, what I have been doing alot during this pandemic is that I have been completely burned out on writing articles and researching articles time and time again. Just to see what the current trend and news for Celebrity gossip or anything of that matter. I just want to say that The pandemic has been hard, I actually don't know what to do if i'm being honest, As I long for the days to be free that seems out of reach to reality. It has been cold and in San Francisco it's usually cold around the springtime. I hate the cold because I can't go outside but I also hate the weather when it's hot and I hate that I sweat for unnecessary reasons. When staying inside it's alarming to me that Influencers are doing the opposite in protocols. Influencers with huge followings and Money who came from new wealth tend to be very explosive when it comes to blowing up their money. As I noticed Influencers with huge followings tend to stay in large mansions with at least like 6 people in them. It's almost like sorority if i'm being honest. However it's fine to flex your wealth in front of the camera, the issue I have is when it's too excessive to keep up with the lifestyle to the point it endangers a lot of public people along the lines.

The people who tend to attend these big gatherings events are influencers or people who don't know any better. What's problematic about that is that people Like Nikita and Bryce Hall during the pandemic have Put people in danger because of their reckless behavior to celebrate a party that they could have done at home with less than 250 people. Their content is also catering towards an impressionable audience in their videos which can leave an impression to their audience that it is ok to participate in big crowds and it's just not a good way to present to an audience who are elderly or not immune to the COVID. COVID shouldn't be taken lightly either, it is a serious issue that faces a lot of countries who are still dealing with it. Its also opening people's eyes that a lot of these influencers have Homes that are Large with theatre halls. Yet they want to risk everything by throwing parties

during the pandemic which is crazy.


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