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  • Jesus Arambula

Time Traveler From the Year 3812?

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Wouldn’t it be cool if we could see what the future holds? What would happen to our civilization a couple centuries from now, even millennia? It would be pretty cool to see how things would change, even if we weren’t a part of it. In addition, knowing that time travel would be possible, people could go back and forth in time to change things in the past and the future. Well, a couple days ago, a video from 2019 emerged, which included a mysterious woman claiming she’s a time traveler from the year 3812 and showing us how Mars will look like at that time.

That’s right! A time traveler living among us? Many people find that very suspicious, but she doesn’t just say these things. She also brought a picture to prove it. During an interview, the time traveler, who calls herself Mary, took out an image of the red planet with white, dome-like buildings. There also appear to be stationary spaceships next to these buildings.

Mary also described how Mars looked from her perspective. “So, I appeared on Mars, it looked like a desert with many buildings. I immediately took a photo.” This photo is what she would show the camera. “Mars was fascinating and at the same time very frightening.” Mary also mentioned that “only Chinese people lived on Mars.” Mary said that “they had a contract with the whole world. They should bring the most expensive metals from Mars, nearly 70 percent.” She also mentioned that other people there were only there as tourists and not working.

Mary also mentioned that the metals from Mars weren’t like ones from Earth. She also said that only robots work at the mine but not humans. “Some of them have intelligence, and some were only for hard work.”

Obviously, many people were skeptical about her being a time traveler. Who wouldn’t be? We can’t imagine that a time traveler is even a thing. Even for future generations, it’s hard for many to think that time travel is even possible. So, many users on the internet started poking fun at Mary. “I would love to time travel 22 minutes into the past to stop myself from watching this video.” So, needless to say, many people don’t believe her because of how outrageous this situation is.

In addition, many people also recognize the picture she showed to the camera as one of the concept ideas from Nasa. So it is apparent that she took that picture from Google or any other internet source.

But what do you think? Do you believe her? Would time travel ever be possible? Or is this a woman who is just seeking attention?


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