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  • Donovan G.

To Infinity...

Merely hours ago, Disney and Pixar released the first trailer to “Lightyear”, an animated film focusing on Buzz Lightyear’s origin story. Directed by Angus MacLane, who had previously directed “Finding Dory”, the well-acclaimed sequel to “Finding Nemo” from the decade before.

Lightyear, branches away from the Toy Story trilogy in that it is a standalone film that follows Buzz Lightyear as the hero that had inspired the toy, separate from the Toy Story trilogy and the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command cartoon series. Thus far, the trailer seems to depict his adventures as a space ranger before he became the hero.

“Lightyear” marks a momentous occasion for Pixar, as it is their first dedicated spin-off film. It is interesting to note that Chris Evans will also be voicing Buzz. For him, being able to take part in


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