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Regardless of where you work and what type of work you do, it is in our nature to get our job done as soon as possible so we can have some time to relax. Some people manage to finish all the work that needs to be done for the day and have a few minutes to relax a little bit at work. To others, we have to wait for our shifts to end before we can start heading home and relaxing. And then there are the other people who get to head home for the day to many other lucky people when they're done with work. Imagine that!

Well, this is what the famous and talented Mike Tyson used to do back in his training days when he would knock out his sparring partners in one hour instead of the scheduled five hours. And this wasn't meant to test his skills as a boxer, but simply because Tyson wanted to have enough time to get back home and watch his favorite cartoons!

That's right! The former heavyweight champion wanted to end his training sessions early to go home and watch his favorite cartoons. However, to some of Tyson's fans, this was no surprise since he has always loved cartoons for a long time. They even made a cartoon starring Mike Tyson called "Mike Tyson Mysteries" that ran for four seasons. In this show, Tyson traveled worldwide, solving mysteries and doing rights for all the wrongs.

But how do we know that Tyson ended his training early? In Tyson's book, The Inner Ring, his former bodyguard and chauffeur Rudy Gonzales stated that the legendary boxer would purposely cut his training from five hours to one hour. Gonzales claimed that before the training sessions, "[Tyson] would be the nicest guy beforehand asking the sparring partners: 'How you doing today, how's the family?' Then he would just knock out five guys all out within an hour so there was nobody left."

Gonzales also claimed that on a couple occasions, Tyson would punch the heavy bag until it broke, to which the other boxers said: "We are not f***ing with you today. I do not care how much money you pay me." Anybody who stayed afterward to take on Tyson would also get knocked out.

One day Gonzales asked Tyson: "Boss I am focused, isn't this about working on techniques?" Tyson replied: "If I keep going we will miss Tom & Jerry cartoons." Gonzales also said that Tyson's biggest fear in the ring was killing his opponents during the match. So, that settles it: Tyson was a big fan of Tom & Jerry, I guess…

But what do you think? Was Tyson just joking around? Or is Tyson just that big of a cartoon fan? What do you guys think about Tom & Jerry?


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