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Top 10 Popular Shows on Netflix Right Now!

You're at home, you don't have work, you don't have homework, and you just hopped off the Zoom call for your biology class. Now, you got lots of time stuck at home all day and nothing to do. Netflix time. But what do you watch? Avatar, the Last Air Bender for the 50th time again? Maybe try on something new and stay hip and cool with the shows everybody is watching. Well, for a start, here are the top 10 shows streaming on Netflix (and I'll try not to spoil anything):

10 - The Umbrella Academy

When you thought that you couldn't combine X-Men, Back to the Future, and literally any apocalypse movie into one, here comes this show to prove us wrong. Young adults with superpowers are trying to save the world from… well, the end of the world. Lots of action, lots of drama, and lots of violence. You guys like that, right?

9 - The Office

How is this show still streaming on Netflix?! I thought they got rid of it like a year ago. Anyways, if you've never seen The Office, it's about a group of office workers trying to make every day like it's the best day of their lives. Comedy, romance, and I honestly can never get sick of it.

8 - Greenleaf

A megachurch in Memphis appears to be a caring and loving place for faith. But deep down, greed, adultery, and sibling rivalry tear a family's faith apart. Also, there's Oprah Winfrey in this!

7 - Julie and the Phantoms

You like High School Musical and a little bit of… supernatural?! Ghost rock stars assist a girl in helping her achieve her dream of becoming a great piano player. Rock on!

6 - Lucifer

Halloween's coming up, why not a little bit of hell for the living? The devil walks among the mortals, feeling compassion for others and assisting a detective in a drive-by investigation. Sounds made up, I know. I swear I'm not making this up.

5- Sister Sister

Old but gold, a blast from the past, Sister Sister, a 1994 sitcom about separated twins living and surviving together as they get to know each other. Identical twins on the outside, completely different on the inside!

4 - Due Date

If you liked Hangover, you'd love this series by the same director. Follow a man's journey to witness his wife's pregnancy before it happens… with chaos along the way!

3 - The Haunting of Hill House

A horror series dealing with not only family drama but also facing their internal demons. In a house where real ghosts haunt the ever-living crap out of you, not even your dreams will be safe. All in all, pretty spooky stuff.

2 - Cobra Kai

Ever seen The Karate Kid? Not the one with Jaden Smith. I'm talking about the old one, with Mr. Miyagi. Well, the saga continues with the antagonist, Johnny, taking on the lead role in starting a new karate school teaching a new generation of young karate enthusiasts, as well as dealing with his old-time nemesis Daniel.

1 - Better Call Saul

The prequel to the Breaking Bad series starring Saul Goodman. We follow his journey to the prominent spot when dealing with Mr. White and Los Pollos Hermanos. From a no-name defense lawyer to a well-known superstar!


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