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Top News for todays time line

Major Events have been displayed around social media for today's top news: Rapper Young Dolph, Frida Kahlo's Painting, and Train to Busan. These headlines sparked significant attention around Twitter. According to local law enforcement and news outlets, rapper Young Dolph Better was shot in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, on Wednesday. The rapper's real name is Adolph Robert Thornton, Jr walked into Makeda's Butter Cookies and was eventually shot. One of the Employees recalls that someone drove up and fatally shot him through the windows, Maurice Hill. Memphis Police said in a statement of Insider that officers were on that scene at the address of the cookie shop. However, it did not confirm​ if the male victim was Thornton. A Lamborghini to Young Dolph was in the Parks lot of the retail shop when local news Crews arrived, According to the WHBQ report. Around 12:24 PM, Officers responded to the scene of a shooting at 2730 Airways.

In the interview, a spokesperson in the department said that a male victim was pronounced dead at the scene.No suspect info was available at this time. Young Dolph, Born in Chicago, moved to Memphis at a young age. He was cousins with the late musician Juice Wrld known for his 2018 single "Lucid Dreams" The Memphis-based rapper released his debut album called "King Of Memphis," in 2016, which peaked in the Top 50 the Billboard 200 at the time. Even for a short-lived career, he has influenced a lot of people in his music. Wherever he is now, I hope he can find peace.

In Other News, Frida Kahlo's Self Portrait Sells for $34.9 Million Diego And Is now the most valued ever at the Auction! Frida Kahlo's Painting replaces her husband, Diego Rivera, as the most expensive Latin American Artist. The Highest Paid at the Auction for Diego Rivera's painting was 9,762,000 Million for the Rivals image. Diego's Paintings can sell about a million or more U.S Dollars. As You may know, the South Korean Movie Train to Busan is coming in the following deadline report that says the English remake of the 2016 South Korean Film train to Busan will be titled Train to New York. As you may know, Train to Busan was a popular Film globally; It has 94% rotten tomatoes and 72% Metacritic. Due to popular demands, Train To Busan is adapting the Film in their way. Though people are against the adaptation, I think it would be nice, Though I wish the cast for the Train to New York Would be more Diverse.


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