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Waves were seen crashing onto Tongan shores amid a tsunami warning across the country after ongoing water volcanic activity, Radio New Zealand and 1 News report; according to the New Zealand Herald, Hunga Tonga- Hunga Ha'apai Volcano erupted on Friday night and sent ash, steam, and gas up to 17 km (10.5 miles) into the air. An Underwater volcano erupted on Saturday near the remote Pacific nation of tonga, triggering a tsunami warning across the pacific for the west coast of the United States and causing solid waves and currents in many coastal areas. The Volcano's eruption was dramatic, sending plumes of gas and ash thousands of feet into the atmosphere, though early reports of damage were limited.

A four-foot tsunami wave was reported to have hit Tonga's capital, Nukualofa, sending people rushing to higher ground. And witnesses said ash had fallen from the sky. According to the associated press, the extent of injuries or damages, but internet service in the country was disrupted. Despite Tonga's geographical isolation, a booming sound after the initial eruption was heard as far away as New Zealand, 1,100 miles NorthEast of the Archipelago's main island of Tongatapu. The United States officials urge residents on coastal areas in much of the west coast Alaska and Hawaii to stay away from the coastline and move to higher ground. In Portland, the National Weather Service reported possible 1-3 foot waves in Oregon and Washington. In California, water surged into Santa Cruz Harbor on Saturday morning, damaging boats submerging the parking lot and causing people to evacuate the docks, sidewalks, and nearby stores.

The National Weather Service said tsunami surges of up to a few feet could arrive in pulses throughout the day and warned residents not to try to identify their arrival in the Bay Area. These water level surges can overwhelm and overtake people and pull them out to the sea. The Volcano, Hunga Tonga, Hunga Ha'apai, about 40 miles north of Tongatapu, had been relatively inactive for several years. It began erupting intermittently in December, but by January 3rd, the activity had decreased significantly, which is why the eruption was expected. What do you think! Be safe!


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