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  • Xavier Arenas

Warriors vs. Hawks: Steph Drops 50!

What a wild night. The Warriors beat the Hawks 127-113. Hawks could have never prepared for the show Curry put on dropping 50 on Trae Young. The Warriors are now the best team in the league with a 9-1 record so far. I wanted to give out grades similar to the 49er analysis I do.

Since the Warriors don’t have a quarterback I’ll just talk about the impact Mr. 30 had. Steph Curry had a phenomenal night not only hitting 50 points in 35 minutes, but managed 10 assists with a crazy 47.4 3P%, higher than the entire Hawks roster. That pretty much means that in this game he made just about half of the 3 points he served. Overall he had a 50 FG%, which means he made 50% of all shots he took, again higher than the entire Hawks roster.

Trae Young, a talented rookie PG, was also looking very good making tough floaters left and right. He tried to keep up with Curry but got a strong 28. Curry had to show the young why he is still the greatest point guard of all time.

Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins were next up in points on the Warriors offering Curry the needed assistance considering he was being doubled all game. Draymond is who I wanted to talk about being the solid defensive player he’s always been. And my personal highlight was seeing Iguodala slam in 3 alley-oop dunks.

The Hawks had Collins and Bogdanovic next in scoring to Trae. Bogdanovic having some well placed hooks and defensive plays couldn’t carry the lacking defense the Hawks have.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the season because the Warriors are looking very nasty. Thompson looking for redemption and Curry looking to prove to the next generation why he is still the Chef.


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