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We're So Forking Proud!

Imagine graduating in a few months, and all of a sudden, you and your other classmates get suspended for absolutely no reason. Well, this is what happened to a dozen of Comfort High School students after a farewell prank.

Before the seniors graduate and be set off to their new college lives, some decided to do a small, harmless prank to their high school. For the most part, it was just laying out forks scattered around the grass fields outside the school. "It was a harmless senior prank that all of us parents knew 100% what was going on," said Hope Jay, one of the high school parents, "They had planned to fork the field, which is putting plastic forks on the fields." However, some students decided to take it a little further.

Some seniors decided to break into the school and leave several miscellaneous items in the classrooms and hallways. There is nothing dangerous, just inflated balloons, random saran wrap here and there, streamers, and a crooked deer head hanging on top of a bulletin board (because why the heck not). For the most part, the prank involved no damages; nothing was broken, graffiti on the walls or anything like that. Just simply breaking and entering. What's even more hilarious is that even the top 10 students also participated in the forking. And even though some students only did the forking part and not breaking and entering, any senior who participated in the prank will be punished by in-school suspension.

However, some parents don't think that the students should be punished so harshly for the prank. "All 40 kids have in-school suspension for the last 2 weeks of school," said Jay, "They're all taking their finals now, which they didn't prepare for. They're just thrown at them. They're worried about their rankings." Neither the principal nor the school district superintendent wanted to discuss further punishment for the students.

Did the forking prank really go too far? Maybe the punishment is too harsh? Or perhaps there shouldn't be any punishment at all? Or maybe the students shouldn't have pranked the school at all before graduating. Either way, the students will not have a happy last two weeks of high school, and they may have ruined their chances of going to college.


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