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What Black Swan Teaches Us

Dreams and Aspirations, and hard work can get you so far. It may be victorious at the end of the road. It can be proven worthwhile. However, what if delusional intertwines with ambition? The story of Black swan teaches us that grasping your goal can sometimes lead to many imperfections. As we see from the main character, she strived to always be perfect on stage and will stop at nothing to that person to the very end. If you have watched the movie, Black Swan Natalie Portman or Nina was willing to push herself to the limit to get the certainty of this role where it sometimes affects your mental health. At the beginning of the movie, you can see that NINAs mental state is starting to deteriorate as she works towards her goal, a part of her losses herself. Fueled with extreme anxiety and insecurities of Perfectionism, she was the leading contender for the role of the black swan with Lily. Nina's descent to darkness begins to spiral down into madness as she tries to be the embodiment of the dark swan, which is the complete "opposite" of her. We begin to see her metamorphosis into the black swan. From watching the movie from the start until the end, we can see that Nina was suffering already. There were indications in the movie that she had some condition. It is demonstrated to us in the film where she begins to hallucinate, harms herself and has breakdowns. This may have triggered the catalyst of the upcoming events that were about to happen. Nina's character as a whole, we can see that she is more reserved. She does not really interact with her fellow dancers. We can see she works hard, performing every step perfectly every time; however, every time it's perfect, it's wrong. Lily is the polar opposite of Nina. Even though what she does isn't perfect, it works through the character of the Black swan because it's about expressing freedom and freedom while the white swan is strict to rules and perfection, the black swan does this in a way where it is entirely from the rules. We see time and time again that Nina struggles to find her freedom, Perfectionism, and mental state as she practices for long hours trying to find that tempo for the black swan. She even took the previous swan queen stuff to get validity or guidance from being a black swan. I think many of us can relate to Nina, which is one of the terrifying things in cinematology when relatability intertwines with reality. For many of us, we strive for perfection. Like Nina, we strive for a role we want, and we make every move perfect. Striving for perfection isn't bad as long as you're aware that you're not going to be 100% perfect; however, what can be damaging is neglecting your health along the way to the point that reality and delusion blur the line of your mental state and physical state. We see this from Nina as she loses a ton of weight over the role of the black swan. This can be a sign of Nina's eating disorder. There is a lot to be said about the black movie swan. However, I think the movie is perfect. It teaches us that mental health is essential and that you should not beat yourself up too much for occurring mistakes, take it. Easy!


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