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What Happend in The Vegas Trip With Trisha

During these past few weeks I found myself really bored during the holidays or incoming weeks. With slow contents coming in From Genshin Impact and 1.3 coming into February 3rd there was really nothing for me to do much Except realize that I'm going back to school in a few weeks. Something Major happened that even shook me. If you guys don't know what happened these past few weeks in the beauty community, That's Fine! Not a lot of us are tuned into what's going around us anyways. However Things that happened Between Trisha and Jefree went down on that Vegas trip and were finally revealed. If you guys don't know what happened in the Vegas trip With Jeffree and Trisha. They basically went on a trip to Vegas to have fun but Trisha left very early on the trip because of unknown circumstances. Now it has been revealed that During Hair By Jays Live Instagram video that they bully, harass and even make fun of her skin, weight and suicidal problems on the trip. This all started because Trisha made a Mukbang video called Jeffrees hairstylist. She never really specified the names but she did issue a complaint saying she felt overcharged about the wigs since they were not properly stitched on which she had to pay 4000 dollars for.

It was a pretty valid customer complaint since that's 4000 dollars worth of wigs and it's not cheap. Trisha then stated it was fine and she did pay them and HairbyJay saw that clip and quickly went on live bashing Trisha, talking about her skin looks, Her struggles in being depressed and her drug problem. It was Nonetheless disgusting for a grown man to say something about a topic that's very heavy. Of course Trisha Had seen the video because It was gaining a lot of views and started hyperventilating furiously. She made several TikTok explaining the situation and basically went on a tangent about what happened during the trip. She finally addresses the Situation on the Vegas trip and basically HairbyJay has validated the rumors that were speculating about the Trip.

She went to the H3H3 Podcast to explain the situation and is now recollected. However Trisha had another issue. Shane and Trisha have been friends for 12 years. He started to only comfort Trisha when Trisha was going to make about Jeffree and she thought it was weird. They shared conversations over the years and Trisha had shared her personal experiences with Shane for 12 years. Shane didn't want to believe it's true that Jeffree had bullied Trisha and Trisha felt betrayed. Trisha has been blindly defending Shane and never questioned his credibility and broke her silence about Shane. She felt that Shane never sacrificed his public image for her when she had a massive hate train. Even though she was confined with him about ehr mental struggles. It's also the fact that Shane has been talking smack about her behind her back. Which was weird considering that was her friend for 12 years. The Herpes Drama between Gabbi Hannah and Trisha was started because of Shane. Shane told Gabbi that Trisha had herpes and Gabbi took that information and said it to her close friend who Trisha was dating at the time and Trisha did not like this. Gabbi and Hannah shared conversations back and forth during that saga. It was stated that Trisha had invited Shane and Ryland to her performances, videos and projects but never once has he ever showed up to her performances which she was disappointed by because that's her friend for 12 years. She felt disappointed when Shane,

Garret and Andrew were doing this Horror drama series and she was not included. She wanted to be a part of that series but Shane had never got an invitation.


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