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What Happend to Shane Dawson

When I was little I remember logging into The internet and discovering Youtube for the first time. I was exposed to some weird kid named FRED screaming his name on the Internet. He was the first person to go Viral with annoying Orange and chocolate rain. They really paved the way for Youtube's popularity as one of the platforms that you can freely express yourself. During 2006-2009 Youtube wasn't as popular as it used to be in Fact it was underrated by most standards. However the way it was underrated is the reason why it was popular back in the day. It was full of really weird internet kids who were enjoying and uploading films on the Internet just for entertainment. Smosh was one of the creators who were the OGs who really revolutionized the emphasis of Skits. These Skits were Not usually long but they were still binge worthy to watch, I remember one youtuber who really took Youtube in a storm.

Back then In Society there were stereotypes and racism were somehow mysteriously acceptable. Shane Dawson Has taken Advantage of that Idea and really integrated it into his works. If you didn't know who Shane Dawson was, He was a Youtuber known for a lot of controversy because of racist jokes, Blackface, pedophilia, Beastiliality and basically being the most un hygienic person in the internet. Being in the era of 2008 and 07 was very iconic. Youtube wasn't mainstream and it didn't really have any Ads that surrounded it. As the years progressed it was clear that the audience of Youtuber were starting to mature. They were getting more aware about what's going on in society. It was apparently clear that Youtube has changed in all over the years as well. Back In 2020 Shane Dawson was Cancelled because of what happened with the James and Tati drama. It wasn't just that, it’s all because his problematic behaviors back in the days were also resurfacing and that tension fell onto Shane because Shane wasn't able to change from his mistakes. The internet gave him so many chances but he was not able to change from his past mistakes and that was his downfall. He gambled his career by playing as the Mean girl in the story. He wanted to be popular. Something He dreamt of when he was in his Highschool years.

There was trauma behind his childhood yes, however you cannot excuse the fact that he has multiple communities in his videos all the time. His controversies in the past were the same being played out in his Racist jokes and disgusting skits. In his movie Not Cool he won the prize of 250k but no actor wanted to work with him because the script was just vulgar and very raunchy. Even Tarantino was mad that Anna didn't win the money despite having the best film. I think the reason why he won was because of the fact that he had a lot of fans that were mostly kids back in the days.

A lot of kids like me looked up to Shane back then because we thought He was funny. Now that situation has changed since we have grown up all over the years. We now understand now that those jokes were really harmful and insensitive. Shane Is now getting the Backlash from his past action which he is finally getting what he Deserves in all these years.


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