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  • Ricksel Penullar

What Happened To Child Care!?

In war towns all over the United States women are called upon to leave their homes and take jobs, During World War II, Nearly 1 In 3 American went off to war. And women are expected to take their place at work, they discovered that factory work is usually no more difficult than house work. However the problem was who was going to watch Rosie The Riveters kids, When married women with small children have to take jobs everything possible will be done to provide day care for the children for 50 cents a day which would be around 8 dollars now, mothers could leave their kids at a government funded day care center, lunch was included. America actually set up universal child care for working mothers. Canada and other countries did too. Around half a million American Children attended these centers. However, when the war ended.Joy was unconfined Families protested, calling for the centers to be permanent. However the federal Government stopped in 1946. And so the US missed the start to begin a climb towards other child care policies other countries didn't. Canada had the same protests. And some provinces decided to keep their centers open. However that decision started them down a path. Where it was easy to implement other government run policies. So how did the Us end up Here? All countries have an established paid maternity leave policy and a universal child care policy, In france they actually had some form of Universal child care since the 1800s. However it formalized the system in 1945. Sweden is considered to have one of the best systems in the world. They were the first ones to guarantee paid paternity leave, and they have provided full child care. For all children since 1985 and you'll notice the US has none of these policies. Technically there is a 12 week maternity leave policy. It's just not paid. That's up to your employer. And a few states offer pre-school and there are some child care programs. However they are mostly for low income families, and far universal. Child care in the US right now is very fragmented. There are different programs that function for different purposes. After WWII was a popular time for these Child care policies. The early 70s were a time for women's rights. The early 70s were a time for women rights. Equal employment laws had just passed. Divorce laws were loosened and many countries established universal child care policies. It almost happened in the US too. What happened in 2971 is that there was obviously a sense that we needed to do something about child care and congress actually acted. Both the House and Senate Passed the Comprehensive child development act. This was a really Extraordinary Bill because it would have provided universal child care. It would not have been stigmatized in the same way. That welfare program would have been available to a much wider group of families But then Richard Nixon vetoed it. No one expected the veto; it was a terrible shock. His veto message that this is going to create communal child care rearing. It would have Sovietized the American Family. The language was a response to a criticism that he was going soft on communism like by visiting China. But really the right wing began to see this as an encroachment because it could be used potentially by white middle class families. In order to support women leaving the home and going out into the workforce, They're not supposed to be working. They were organizing against child care because it would take the mother out of the home. Just as the European countries were starting their Child care systems. They were shutting the door. The day after Nixon Vetoes the CDA, he signed into law a bill that created child care tax deductions for middle class and affluent families. However this created a Two hierarchical system. What do you guys think about the US? Should it Get back to what it was to get universal child care.


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