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Why Arik Armstead is Bringing the 49ers Down

Arik Armstead is straight up the epitome of doofus football players. Duhhhh run to the ball and tackle man duhhhh. He sees no rhyme or pattern to mobile quarterbacks and instead just sees a QB and thinks I can chase him the whole game and not ruin my team’s defense.

This was an article in the making ever since the second week this season. I had a feeling that I wouldn’t need to post this if he fixed his act as did many of the other linemen in containing the QB in the pocket. But the season is long over and I have been giving some thought to what my city’s team has put forth this year. And I can make other analyses on other players but I want to hone in on Arik Armstead alone.

So I want to bring up our game against the Eagles. This was a notorious game besides the Cardinals as a big upset this season. Carl Wentz is a mobile quarterback as many others in the league and seems to have a nack at being a terrible QB anyway. But that does not discredit him at making Arik Armstead go caveman mode and ruining the game. Just about down Arik had the brilliant idea to seek a sack. This 280 pound lineman is about to race this MOBILE quarterback. Of course, this did not work the entire game. And Carl Wentz scrambled to make 193 yards. His athleticism is great, for being 280 pounds he can run, but there is a point of his athleticism that reaches a tipping point. And that is against every mobile quarterback. Against the Dolphins he demonstrated that cuckoo braining every play does not work and will give Ryan Fitzgerald 350 yards and 3 TDs. Yes, you read that right, this man could not contain nor sack one of the biggest lottery QBs in the game.

I could be dogging on Arik Armstead but this is just an analysis on him alone. I will give him credit for also keeping it real with his team and getting Sherman to get in on the caveman strats. He came out of the year with 3.5 defensive sacks. I think chicken little could hit a 4. I am mostly trying to keep this not personal but it gets personal when I lose my Deforest Buckner for a drooler. Greed and stat hunger has plagued his career. He needs to focus on the play at hand. Mobile quarterbacks beg you to seek and chase them while wasting time and they hit an easy pass. Arik is seemingly purposefully doing this and it is hurting our team. Of course, by the end of the year, our defense was on fire. We contained so many people. Verrett and Warner and a lot of others picking up the slack and making the hall of fame play. I want to see this in all the players as a fan. Some of this is satire but I am serious when I say that Arik Armstead is bringing the Niners down.

As always I want the best for my team. Stay Faithful.


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