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Why I love Nicki Minaj

If I remembered things clearly from my past there were a lot of bumps and downs along the roads on the destination I was going to. Of course there are things where sometimes a speed bump to my life just looking back at those memories seems to be so distant. Summer used to be different from what I remember when I was a child. Tropical beaches were fun to visit too, but I hated the beaches because of the sand. It always gets my feet dirty. I was a child back then and my life was like any other life with my parents. When I moved into America I had trouble connecting with others. One living in the Philippines and only knowing about our culture was something that I only knew. I was never exposed to any other cultures, except for “Americanism” or white media. I remember back in the days we would go online on our computer and play most of the hottest pop songs that were trending. Kesha's TikTok, Lady Gaga's Poker face, Black eyed Peas, Paramore and many more. It was like techno mix with disco at the time and It was something I enjoyed jamming through the radio Because It was so different from what I was used to hearing. In the radios that play old songs that heavily that was slow and smooth. Pop music was catchy and upbeat. It was definitely a fun bop. When I moved into San Francisco things were a bit different now than What I remember. I remembered listening to Nicki's Mixtape back in Suc

ka free and Beam me up scotty because of my Aunt. She was a huge Nicki Fan back in the day and I would hear it in the car and stuff and I heard it for the first time and I was amazed. It's definitely a genre that I've never heard before or was exposed to. She was the first female rapper who was interesting. Growing up with Nicki Minaj I had come to know her as an artist and as a rapper. However a lot of people in the Rap community didn't Not like Nicki Because she was aggressive, and bitter? When In reality she wasn't.

She was defending her name constantly all the time to people who misunderstood her as an artist. As a Female MC in Hip Hop it's definitely hard to be taken seriously. With Nicki She was black balled from the beginning of her career where they snubbed her away from her grammy. She really worked hard on establishing her fans as an artist when she was still underrated. She came from a really hard environment growing up. Her house that her family rented in burned down and literally they had lost everything. Nicki had this burning passion to protect her mother and work hard to gain money. Nicki started working multiple jobs to help out her mother and she dreamt of being an actress. She dabbled in music before, she was a backup singer in one of her gigs, she rapped with her male friends as a bond and she was really trying to do something.

As a kid she used to write a lot of her fantasies in paper and her rapping. She made sure no man has ever written her rap because she wanted to prove that as a female MC she can do all of these skills and solidify her talent. If you ask most people about Nicki they only know her for rapping about sexual stuff. But they don't really know that she rapped most serious stuff like fly, freedom and her Album The PinkPrint explained many things about her. They only know her because of mainstreamed songs but they didn't even listen or take the time to actually know Who Nicki is. What Nicki spits

isn't just catchy it's Rhythmically genius. Her bars and flows are unmatched; she switches it every time and has Rhymes that have different meanings into her raps. As a Female MC she's the only person who had a collab with Kanye and Jay Z. They were very iconic in the song and Nicki held her own Spot in Monster being one of the most memorable lines in the song. However Not many people credits Nicki For her own Success because she is a woman who openly talks about a Taboo culture.


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