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  • Anabel Fielding

Women's March across the US

Three weeks ago, thousands of protestors marched at rallies in Washington and cities across the US on Wednesday. They were fighting against Texas' recent ban on abortion. Many women believe that women should have the right to do whatever they wish with their bodies. In other words, women should have a choice of abortion.

Many speakers went to the Supreme Court and threatened Roe vs. Wade and suggested that Americans join a nationwide protest to keep abortion rights. Marsha Jones, a leader of a Texas-based abortion rights organization in Texas, said, "Not only is abortion health care, but at my organization we also believe it's self-care." Many women joined in a chant repeating, "Abortion is healthcare!"

The first Women's March was in 2016 when President Trump was in office. There were millions of protests in Washington DC and across the country then, too. But, attendance at other marches has declined. Still, many organizers hope to see more participation in the movement around threats to the Roe vs. Wade event.

The 1973 Supreme Court Case Roe vs. Wade protects a person's right to abortion. There's a 6-3 conservative majority count in the high court, which could cause the court case to be in jeopardy.

Many protestors believe that this case was supposed to protect women and their freedom from having an abortion. Also, there's a widespread discussion on whether politics should be involved in women's abortions. There's a significant stigma circling women having an abortion and whether it's the right choice to make. There are even some men who believe women should be barefoot and pregnant.

In conclusion, not only should women's abortion be legal, but it should be freely accessible to every woman in Texas and across the US. In politics, men shouldn't have the right to state what's wrong with a woman's free choice to have an abortion. Planned Parenthood facilities should be freely accessible to any woman who wants the freedom to do whatever they want with their bodies. If it means taking that baby's life, so be it. At least they were given a chance to decide because it's their personal choice.


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