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  • Donovan G.

YouTube Music now getting a Save Queue feature on Android

YouTube Music is now rolling out the useful Save queue to playlist feature for Android users, after it launched for iOS at the beginning of the year.

Back when Play Music was still available, it offered the feature to save your current queue, converting it to its own playlist, or even adding it to a preexisting playlist.

When viewing your songs or albums in your queue, there will now be a ‘Save’ button upon opening the Up Next window from the Now Playing screen. Upon tapping said button, you’ll be prompted with a pop-up that says “Add to playlist”, after which leading to an existing playlist, or you may create a new one. Making adding multiple songs to a playlist far less arduous than doing so one at a time.

Though a simple quality-of-life update, especially so for people coming from the Play Music and who had appreciated the useful functionality Play Music had that Youtube Music didn’t have thus far.

In addition to the added “Save” button working on your current queues, it also works when listening to music via the song radio function of the app. A small, yet useful feature nonetheless.

This update may not be available effective immediately for all YouTube Music subscribers, as it is done server-side. If you don’t have it yet, don’t worry, it will arrive soon.

As of recently, YouTube Music has been receiving some useful features with its updates recently. In regards to functionality and quality of life updates, it’s been heading in the right direction for its users.

One of the recent cool features that YouTube Music users got is called "Recommended radios", and it creates a station from multiple songs and artists to recommend to you to enjoy. You can find it in the Home tab, halfway down the page in the "Recommend radios" carousel. The feature shows 10 stations, and they update every time you refresh it, so you can always have new music to discover and enjoy.

Furthermore, each station has up to three songs that have provided the inspiration for the station and is named after the title of a band or the genre of music in the station. Often you would also see the decade associated with the recommended music on the radio station.

Another update that Android users recently got is a new "Recently Played" home-screen widget. The widget takes 5x2 spaces on your home screen by default and it is divided into two main sections. One of those sections gives you the ability to play and pause songs, give a thumbs up, and it also has the album art of the current song, alongside some basic information about it.


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